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About Cindy Rae

Art that Inspires, Art that Connects

I have always been drawn to color and texture in my artwork. My paintings range in size from small and intimate to large and commanding, and I excel in a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil, acrylic and alcohol inks. Whether it’s a sprawling landscape or a delicate bird, my goal is always to create art that brings joy and movement to the viewer.


At Cindy Rae Art, LLC, I understand the value of creating beauty in any form of art. As a former Registered Nurse, I have great respect for the healing power of art, and I want my art to instill positive emotions in the viewer's heart. My inspiration comes mainly from the Iowa landscape, farming, nature and birds. Growing up as one of eight siblings, family values have helped shape my artistic journey and my deep interest in creating something meaningful and beautiful that can be passed down through generations.

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