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In The Studio

I am almost finished with the pieces for my May feature show at The Artists' Cooperative Gallery in Omaha.  I'll be showing with two artists I admire and am thrilled to exhibit with, Jasmine Greenwaldt and Duane Adams.  Our show is entitled, "Out of Our Minds".  My first focus for the show was creating a series of alcohol ink abstract landscapes.  I'm not sure I'll continue with the medium but it has been interesting to work with inks on a larger scale.  Continuing the landscape theme with abstract landscapes in acrylic and gold leaf will round out the show.  I'm obsessed with nature displaying a sense of being still and wild at the same time.  It exhilarates me. I'm also planning on focusing a bit more on oil painting later this year.  I'll keep you posted on that journey.

I like to listen to books while I paint.  I'm in the middle of Mother Daughter Murder Night by Nina Simon. 

Oh and I cleaned my studio floor!!!!


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