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I've been exploring how a simple line has the ability to convey feelings that all humans recognize.  It comforts me on some level to see feeling/emotion reveal itself in line. 


Does the feeling originate with my intention?


I think of the first lines created with intention and I just know we share the same heart, the same intention of wanting to share our feelings.  We'll see where this goes.  Right now they are all on 4x4 white tiles.  I love the contrast of white/black/red.

i would love to hear your thoughts on this collection.


Feeling of Lines.JPG

I will comfort you as long as you need

Feeling of Lines 2.JPG


Feeling of Linesxxx.JPG

Im Listening

Feeling of Lines 1_edited.jpg

Protection....Deep Love



Feeling of Lines7_edited.jpg
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